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The Adventure Begins…

Have any of you ever seen The Chipmunk Adventure?  If you haven’t, you should.  It’s an amazing cinematic masterpiece and an icon of my childhood.  It’s also full of wonderful, catchy songs, my favorite being “Off to See the World” which has been running incessantly in my head all day.  For those of you heathens unfamiliar with this iconic song of American cinema, I present it to you here (it’s actually better with the video, but YouTube has failed me).

This is my long way of saying, I have my tickets booked, and I am off to Europe for 5 months on a grand photographic and blogging expedition!

Through a website called HelpX, I have connected with various hosts in Europe who provide travelers with room and board in exchange for part-time work.  After a series e-mails I have confirmed my first arrangement, which begins in Doolin, County Clare, Ireland.  I fly from Seattle to Shannon in mid-May, a week after being both the maid of honor and photographer and my best friend’s wedding.

I’m planning to write about my experiences and post pictures here on this blog–the places, people, and communities that I encounter and the ups and downs, trials and triumphs of the journey.

Interestingly enough, the decision to actually go has been the hardest part.  It was several weeks of pro-con lists, heartfelt prayers, pro-con lists, and long conversations with friends and family before reaching this decision.  This has been one of my biggest dreams for so long, it’s a little unbelievable that it’s actually becoming a reality.

My next hurdle is the logistics of this move: What do I do with my stuff?  What do I sell, store, give away? What size storage unit do I need?  How much will it cost? Oh! I need to go to Costco to get my contact lens exam and get new contacts ordered.  I need to find someone to keep my car while I’m gone. Must remember to cancel/suspend insurance. What do I do about cell phone coverage…

See?  These are the things going a mile a minute in my brain–especially when I’m trying to fall asleep.  And oh yes, there’s the matter of my best friend’s wedding in there too!  Pictures to be taken and edited, dress fittings to attend, and a shower to throw!

It will be a busy month, but I’m excited to have you all along with me for the ride!

The Journey Begins: Washington State. Tulip Fields, Skagit Valley, WA, about 60 miles north of Seattle.

The Journey Begins: Washington State.
Tulip Fields, Skagit Valley, WA, about 60 miles north of Seattle.


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