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The Sun and the Sea (Sitges, Spain)

Look at this–two posts in one day!!!


One of several beaches in Sitges, near the old town.

At the beginning of September i had the opportunity to spend 2 extraordinary weeks with a family in Barcelona.  Spain hadn’t been on my original itinerary, but as things changed over the summer, this offer came up, and it worked out perfectly for me.

Spain had never been on my list of must see destinations, but several people I met on my adventures told me I had to visit Barcelona.  So I did.  BEST DECISION EVER.

I loved Barcelona, the family I was with, and Spain/Catalonia in general.  I will write more about my adventures in Barcelona, but for now I just wanted to share some of my pictures from Sitges, a little fishing village/resort town about 30 miles or so south of Barcelona.

A convenient day trip by train from the city center, Sitges has miles of beautiful villages, a delightful old town, and sunshine galore!


The white washed buildings and cobblestones streets of the old town.

I spent two days there, swimming in the Mediterranean (I have never swam in such perfect water–oh how glorious!) and soaking up the delights of the narrow streets.

One surprise to my American sensibilities was that the beaches in Spain are topless.  It was one of those things I knew, but had forgotten about, so I was taken back at first.  However, I soon grew to appreciate the fact that unlike in America, no one there was making a big deal about exposed breasts.  Mothers were playing with their children, retired couples were sunbathing together, some with tops, some without, and it was all perfectly natural.  I’m so used to female nudity in America being sexualized and media constantly obsessing over the perfect body type and was is and is not acceptable, and it was refreshing to see people completely at ease with themselves and each other.


Swimming in the sea, a perfect way to close out the summer!


Catalonia flag against a perfect September sky.

Sitges was the only town outside Barcelona that I got to visit, and honestly, it was the perfect escape from the city.  However, I am now obsessed with the need to explore more of Spain!!! Adding more destinations to my next itinerary.


Street scene, waterfront hotel.


The old church and clock tower.


Exploring narrow lines and marveling at local architecture never gets old for me.


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