Gatsby Nouvel Photography


I’m a romantic.  I love old movies with stars like Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, and Audrey Hepburn.  I love classical music, jazz, and the old standards of Gershwin and Cole Porter.  I love to read, modern novels as well as classics like The Great Gatsby,  To Kill a Mockingbird, Anne of Green Gables, and Jane Eyre.   I love classic and vintage things–my apartment is slowly being filled up with aged and distressed wooden furniture, old books, bird cages, blue bell jars, and other flea market finds that I can’t resist.

Hence the inspiration for the Gatsby Nouvel name: a new sense of vintage.  Hey, it makes sense to me.

I love finding unique places to shoot–like carousels, ice cream stands, old bridges, and train stations.  When I go to a new city my favorite thing to do is walk, play and explore.  But just as satisfying as shooting, for me, is the post production work.  I thrive on the artwork and creativity in post production.  I love bright colors, but also the soft, muted tones.  I love to play with texture, adding film grain, aged papers, or a softness to my photos.  It is not uncommon for me to come home from a shoot, download the images, and immediately delve right in.

As a travel photographer this also gives me a desire to catch my feeling of a place.  I’m a firm believer that places have souls and memories.  I think people see them differently, but when I travel, I want the reader or viewer to get my sense of a place, and hopefully inspire them to go out and find their own!


7 responses to “Gatsby Nouvel Photography

  • erinlizzie

    I love your blog! I’m following it now. I too am a sucker for the classics – films and books alike – and photography that reflects that sounds good to me! I have a few friends who have recently gotten really into photography, and while I haven’t purchased my own fancy camera (yet!), I do love the creative process that goes along with it. I’m looking forward to reading and seeing more of your work!


  • Dalton

    Hi I just wanted to say i love ‘Marthas vinyard’ photo.


  • Ashley :)

    Hello Rachel,
    I searched images to accompany a new thought and yours fit perfectly, so I used it! I thought it best to make sure it’s alright with you though; if you’d like to check it out you may do so at
    You take lovely photos, and I like the thought and character behind your name.
    Thank you and much peace,
    Ashley 🙂


  • Laura Greiner

    Great meeting you at Seascapes in Dulin. Enjoy your sabbatical! Great talking with you! From Dansville, Michigan USA


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