About Me


10 Things About Me:

1). I LOVE to travel, I love to PLAN my travels, and I don’t like to have too tight a schedule when I travel.  1 or 2 “musts” a day is perfect.

2). I am one of those overly sentimental people who stands in the store and cries as she tries to pick out a greeting card.  It’s embarrassing.

3). My favorite compliment I’ve ever gotten was from a friend in photography school.  He was looking at this photo and said, “I like it.  It’s whimsical and a little weird… just like you!”

4). I have the bestest family in the world (and you may argue that yours is, which is fine, but this is my blog.  I win.)

5).  I started taking pictures shortly after seeing the 1995 version of “Sabrina” when I was about 10,  and I have loved photography ever since.

6). I love peanut butter but hate peanuts.

7). I would love to live in a foreign country.  I’ve considered Ireland, England, Wales, Austria, France, and Italy.  I just haven’t figured out how to actually do it yet.

8). I love to go on walks and explore.  Big city, small town, out in the country, by the sea, I don’t care.  Just give me some interesting scenery and a good pair of shoes!

9). When I was 12 I wrote my first (and ONLY) celebrity fan letter.  It was to Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  I got a postcard back with an offer to join his fan club.  To my knowledge it’s still tucked away somewhere in my parents’ house.

10). I can’t stand in front of the sink and brush my teeth.  I get bored.  I have to be walking around or reading a book or watching a movie.

11). I like to be a bit unpredictable.


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